Check My Steeze

Hey everybody, it's been well over a year since we've run an event and we're launching a new one today! It's going to be the standard setup where we give you coordinates to start and end at and you pick out a sick line and then film it in one unbroken shot.

For those of you who are new to our competition, we emphasize realistic riding. Try to ride your line like someone would in real life in the Freeride World Tour or your favorite snowboard/ski movie. Don't do anything bigger than a quad cork and don't do 10000 meter cliff drops, etc. Obviously the game isn't 100% sim but try to make it feel real. Ride smooth, carve, play around and have fun. Channel your inner Travis Rice or Candide or whoever gets you stoked on backcountry riding and pick the most interesting line you can in the area.

We recommend using Free Cam or some other type of follow cam that lets you play around with angles and get nice shots, but how you record it is ultimately up to you. Ride Cam is fine if you aren't comfortable recording something more dynamic but we encourage you to experiment with and use Director Mode. You have to film in one take. You can sprinkle in slowmo if you like but you cannot change camera angles at all. One unbroken shot from start to finish. Here's the winning line from our last comp so you can get an idea.

Your video must be under 3 minutes long. You'll have until Wednesday March 4th to submit it to our Discord server which you can join here. Post your video (we recommend uploading to Youtube) to the #current-competition channel. Once you've submitted, that's it, so please use the time wisely to make sure you're satisfied with your line.

After submissions are closed, Obzen D F, manfreygordon, and I will judge a top 3 based on:

How smooth your riding is

How varied and complex your tricks are

How creative and interesting your line is

How well you shot your video

Right, so we're kicking it off in Japan near the Nagatsuga Grind Park. You'll start up top at the park and head down to a small bay as pictured here

start coordinates 741 S - 1317 W

end coordinates 1760 S - 1902 W

Don't forget to join the Discord! And please don't be afraid to reach out for help with recording videos in this game if you need it. It's a ton of fun and really easy to do.

We hope you enjoy the spot! Happy shredding