Steep North Face Hike
North Face Expedition Hike

North Face Expedition Hike

Steep: The North Face Expedition - Find your way to the finish line any way you choose.
The North Face Expedition is both a physical and mental challenge that requires you to combine all your skills to reach the mountain summit. It'll be a long, arduous and lonely journey, but its considered the trek of a lifetime.

Hiking - Our adventure on the North Face Expedition shown in photos through the lens of Steep Photo Mode. We mapped out our journey through a 3 day span of time, spending 2 nights in cabins. With luck on our side, weather gave us no problems this time around. We're not packing much as each cabin will be a point to refuel, but will still need lots of water.

Day 1 - Early morning our day began waking up starting in the Alps, coordinates 536 S - 1710 E.  A quaint lodge for starting or finishing this expedition, I was all geared up in North Face fear. From head to toe, Gateway Cosmic Blue beanie, W Brigandine Vaporous parka, Military olive W Fuse Brigandine pants, and lets not forget our precious fingers stayed warm and flexible in the Orange Revelstokes! Plus of course a Victory Yama pack, boots from a dear friend and Captain Steep facemask. Sun so bright and warm, wasn't even sure I needed that mask but... wind, especially at the altitude I was at.
A few yards out from the cabin you can see some starting flags, Steep. Headed out, I couldn't see our next destination which was night 1's cabin. Ahead of me was another peak I had to climb, and then another where the cabin was a top. This first day was long and the sun showed just how long it was willing to be out. By the first peak, the sun was already behind me, a full quarter turn from when we started, and we barely made ground. BUT! With binoculars we can see the next cabins, time to move out.

Day 2 - Sunset was beautiful and also scary because temperatures drop real quick and those cabins are a source of protection from the cold and wind. Sleeping in for a full rest, the ground to cover today is much smaller compared to yesterday's hike. No vertical climb, so we can maintain energy for tomorrow's last push. Hope we can get some good shots with Photomode today.

Day 3 - Wow, the sun light ran real quick yesterday, I guess it was hiding behind the mountain we descended a bit. I think the pictures came out okay though. Rested, up a bit early, and ready to get on this last trek, the sun will be on our side for half the day, then again hidden. We got lights though! Preparation for journeys like this is always key to moving forward. Check out some of these morning snaps!
Those morning snaps are nearly all you got because the ground being covered today was a mess. No clear path, had to dig myself out at times, no time for good shots. Maybe next time, but I did get shots of the last ascent up to summit. Not much up there, but the feeling of relief, we made it.

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