Obvi’s World Tour

Obvi's World Tour

PS4 Tournament

Challenges set up by ObviBra.
Friend Request me for entry into the tournament, PSN obvibra

Tricks only Tournament No 90's DLC.

PSN: Obvibra

All challenges will be dares set up by me.

Qualifiers June 14-16 : 3 challenges over 3 days can compete in any of the 3 days. if you get top 4 one of the days can no longer compete in the other days.

Semi-Finals June 17-19: 1 challenge over 3 days only those who qualify can compete top 3 advance to finals.

Finals June 22: 5 challenges set up live streamed with 5 runs on each challenge for each player. After each challenge points will be awarded to the winner (1st: 5 points 2nd: 3 points 3rd: 2 points) the player with the most points after all the challenges will be crowned the champion.

with Special guest commentator TrevorLaheey