Riders Republic Wishlist

Riders Republic – Our Wishlist

Riders Republic Wishlist
Original: 11/7/2020
Last Updated: 05/27/2021
There has been much speculation about Steep 2 by Ubisoft Annecy. There are a few published web articles also pointing to that the speculation may be real. But ever since Septemeber's Ubisoft Forward event, the reality is that Riders Republic has taken its place. With a very much resemblance to Steep, Riders Republic gives many hopes for a much better game. Over the last few months, Ubisoft has given more details about the game. Their Discord for Riders Republic and the Redditors are spilling out their hopes for the new game set due late February 2021.

Update - Riders Republic has been pushed back with no new release date.

Here is a list I've compiled on those hopes, all curated from Discord, Reddit, and past Steep forums.

*** Credit - Feedback RR Discord channel & Reddit Suggestions

Character Customization

  • Backpack on/off option
  • Profile page: dares, shared content, leaderboard, clips
  • Ability to customize outfit (shirt, pants, hat, mask, accessories.)

Equipment Customization

  • Sticker placements on equipment. IE, put Red Bull sticker on bike.
  • Parts customization (fork, bars, bindings, etc)

Camera Angles

  • custom angle
  • gopro view stabalization

Park Editor

  • Custom Park editor

Added sports

  • Trike
  • Snowmobile
    • Tow your friends capability
  • Longboarding
  • Dirtbike
  • Scooters
  • Snowskates
  • Mountain Board


  • RR emotesAdded in March 2021
  • roles per sport
  • beta roles

Map View

  • Permanent marked/saved spots
  • Type manual coordinates
  • Map Markers
  • ping location while riding
  • Spot sharing
  • Dare/Line share
  • More filtering options

IRL Events/Locations

  • Audi Nines
  • RedBull Rampage
  • Whistler


  • Real Pro Riders
  • Side missions
  • Ride Alongs


  • Accurate Trick naming
  • Switch and Stance


  • Key Frames
  • Zoom features
  • Cameraman/Filmer presence during replay
  • Camera path/tracks
  • FOV/Lens options
  • Aperture/Focus options
  • Player tracking


  • Cross platform
  • Cross console
  • Real estate (example: GTA)
  • Bike Garage/shop
  • Design interaction - tree bonks, etc
  • Winch for freeride
  • Switch riding
  • custom control/binds
  • Checkpoint size customization for Dares
  • Real time custom kicker ramp or for freeride
  • Seasonal changes/Ability to change season
  • Less passive ragdoll
  • Avalanche
  • Ski lifts; Ski lifts as cut scenes, relax/menu
  • Daily limited attempts per challenge
  • Offline Mode
  • HUD Options
  • For Career mode, remove lighting restrictions after Gold is obtained.


  • Split screen local
  • Custom events: Hiking with friends
  • Filter by sport
  • Ranked mode/leaderboards
  • Better incentives to finish match; harsher consequences for manually leaving.
  • Teams/Crews
  • Grouped challenges (relay races, scavenger hunting)
  • Impromptu SHRED/SLVSH

Wanted Brands

  • ON3P


  • Voted load screen content
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual records
  • Snowballs

Free to Play

  • Playground Mode


  • Copyright Free Music licensing
  • GUI interface for music selecting
  • Spotify/Deezer integration

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Steep 2 - Spring & Summer

Snow has melted, clip into your pedals, grab the paddle, and fly some more

Sports: Mountain Biking, Kayak, Wingsuit, Dirtbike, ATV, Longboarding, Trail Running,