steep 2

Steep 2

Steep 2, a very much anticipated title from Ubisoft. Lets rewind for some history on the game Steep. In the winter of 2017 Ubisoft Annecy released Steep. This was a huge change for the action sports niche on PS4 and Xbox. Not yet a simulator and not quite an arcade game, Steep met its fanbase somewhere in between by compromising realism for fun. After all DLCs were available, 3 mountain ranges were at your feet to roam as your heart desired. Among these mountain ranges were Alps, Alaska, Japan and Olympics in Korea. Sprinkled all over these maps were point of interests locations full of challenges and hidden gems. The list of different sports were impressive: wingsuits, rocket wingsuit, ski, snowboards, sled, paragliding, BASE and speed skiing.

It's never enough, fans ask for more.
From the start many players asked the question "what do I do next?" Steep did not offer much guidance past the first introduction challenges to the game. Some loved that, but many gamers felt like there was a lack of motivation to figure out what to do next. Mountain stories had seemingly tried to fill that gap but was only seen in the Alps with a few between Alaska and Asia. Customization and playback features felt lacking as well. The introduction of Steep Photo Mode gave riders a taste of replay value capturing their favorite moments. The ability to share the photo to the world in game was great too and shows potential there could be room for improvements.

With the end of 2020 soon, Steep 2 announcements have yet to be made.

Riders Republic
Yep, if you aren't aware already, Ubisoft has announced a new title in the same genre, Riders Republic. This game will be much more than what Steep's outlook and vision was. It also will have many asked for features while keeping a fresh vision of an action sports game. This game debuts in 2021, be ready, its going to be huge!

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